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Sizing Guide

Do you have Chocolaticas shoes already?! If so, check the size on the sole and choose from the drop down.

For example:

In this case, choose the ones listed as

"EU 36 / UK 3 / Sole 35 / US 5 / 22.30cm"

Shoe sizes can vary from brand to brand, so, if you don't have Chocolaticas shoes already, please follow the steps bellow to find the right size for you!

This is very important for us to avoid disappointments and unnecessary returns :)

You’ll need: a piece of paper, pencil and a ruler.


1) Take off your shoes (preferably at the end of the day)


2) Sitting down, place your foot on the piece of paper. Make a mark at the base of your heel and next to the largest toe, ensuring you hold the pencil as straight up as possible

3) Using the ruler or tape measure, measure the length between both marks (form heel to largest toe). Do this for both feet and use the longest measure!

4) Match it to the size guide of the style you want to buy (flats or heels) and you’re done!


Please note that the range of 'Chocolaticas' flat shoes and 'Double Topping' high heels use US sizing and they are also medium width (M or B). Therefore, the size printed on the sole DO NOT correspond with European standard sizes.

Check this video I made to show how to do it! 

Please use this handy table to find the best fit for your feet ;)

Sizing advise for our Sugar POP kitten heels!

If you are a fan and wearer of our Hot Chocolate Design shoes, choose the same size (as the number printed on the sole) for our Sugar POP kitten heels!
For example: if your Chocolaticas mark 38 on the sole, choose our kitten heels listed as "UK 6 / Sole 8 (38) / EU 39 / US 8"

Worried about the width?

The width of these Sugar POP kitten heels is very similar to our HCD shoes, they might be a micro tiny less wide because the actual shape of the front of the shoe but the difference is minuscule and even that the front shape is sort of pointy, there is definitely plenty space for your toes!!!

No squishing whatsoever :)

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