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September 2015, my documents to move to Switzerland were ready, summer was over and I was ready to moved to Basel! I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with my life in a new country, different language, no friends and starting everything from scratch… am I being to dramatic??? hahahah

My Portobello market chapter was finished and I decided to look for an office job, with a regular income, new people, new challenges, blah blah blah… Not sure how many jobs I applied for, but the results were all the same… NOTHING… Not even a “Thank you for your application”. One month passed, two months passed, three months passed, getting crazy/upset/depress? yes, all of the above. My life was summarized in cooking, exercise, decorating the house, grocery shopping, recycling and feeling like the puppy of the house, receiving my husband every evening like if I haven’t seen him in ages! lol

By the end of December my head was going in circles and thinking to give it another shot to UKinkalla, I didn’t know exactly how because here we don’t have a cool markets like in London and I didn't speak the language either… BUT, what if, right?

I had to start everything again but improving from my previous experience in the UK and doing it full-full time. It was like ALL IN this time.

So, I did all the research about import taxes, duties, legal requirements, postage, and thousand etceteras! – Hey, remember this research was all in German… it took me a while of course, but time was what I had! hahaha

I finally took my saving again and invested on a first load of shoes, my friend Pascual helped me with the new logo and branding, I printed out proper business cards, banners, t-shirts, started a new website for non UK orders with the possibility of different currencies and different languages, and suddenly I was cover in things to do!!! btw, just to mention that my hubby was reluctant about all this, in his mind it was just a good thing to “keep me busy”, uncool right? But it was OK, I knew where I was going, what I was doing and that it was going to take at least a year of work!

My first event in Zurich was pretty disappointing, I broke negative, was ruined from carrying everything to Zurich and back, hubby was tired and annoyed (obviously because he was helping me with the heavy lifting) and the receptivity of the people was so-so (Man, I most love these shoes A LOT for doing all of this over and over again!!! hahaha Yes, I do love them!)

So, last year was all about discovering fairs and events in the right place and with the right audience, and so far, the chosen are:

  • Fantasy Basel

  • Bikers Days Basel

  • ISB summer event

  • ISS summer event

  • ISB Christmas fair

  • Riehen Latin Amerikan weekend

  • and another couple of private events that might not be the best but they’re not too bad either

Check my upcoming events here!

Thanks for popping by and see you soon!!! xx