Our Blog!

Finally my first post! Where should I begin? UKinkalla?

It has been such a long time since I wanted to start a blog with all the stories and adventures that I get to live in the markets and fairs!!! It’s so much FUN!!!

But I’ll start with a bit of my background and my reasons to start this project...

I studied IT back in Venezuela and actually a was very good at it (“apparently” haha). In 2008, I moved to the UK to learn English, and basically, escaping from the insecurity back then (now is 100 times worst, unfortunately). I worked in IT for a about 10 years, first in Venezuela and then in the UK, but I knew very deep in my heart that IT wasn’t the job I wanted to do for the rest of my life! It was very entertaining and challenging, and I really enjoyed my time and I still enjoy doing it, but my way (of course, I’m a woman, it has to be my way, right?!).

It was very hard to accept that I’ve chosen the wrong career! It took me a couple of years to accept it and to think of what I really wanted to do in life… Then my partner and I started to think about taking a sabbatical year to travel to America; all from South to North, and so we did! We saved money, we sold EVERYTHING and left on an amazing adventure from May 2013 to May 2014!!! and then it was that I figure it out! IT IS SO EASY TO BE HAPPY…

I’ve always had to juggle with visa processes and the way back to the UK in May 2014 wasn’t an exception… We got our passports stolen in Argentina, and because of that, we had to issue our visas from scratch AGAIN (a pain in the back side). So, my partner Ben, had to travel to back to Australia to issue his visa (he’s is from Australia) and I had to wait in the UK as a tourist (who knows how many months) for him to come to the UK with his visa and flight to Venezuela to issue mine as a dependent on him. A process that last about 6 months. UNCOOL

In the meantime, we were pretty much broken because we were just coming back from our sabbatical year, for Ben was easy because the industry he works on, for me? HA… As we said in Venezuela, I’m a “mata tigres”, and a professional one! (mata tigres = freelancer of everything). In any case, we managed our finances, I kept studying something else to get away from programming but didn't work :(

I knew I wanted to do something else, something more interactive, and IT is ZERO interactive hahahah it’s just you, yourself and your computer hahahah

We went to Australia later on and I met up with an old friend in Perth who had a little shop in the Freo Market with this amazing shoes from Venezuela!!! BINGO!!! so she told me everything about it, how she started and explained all the technicalities, etc… I thought about it a thousand times, of course, and I gave it a go last summer 2015 in London.

As a joke, my friend told me back in Perth that I could be her version in Europe and so we did!!! She is Kinkalla in Perth and I’m Kinkalla in the UK, therefore our name UKinkalla!!!! And that’s how everything started.

Will write another post about my first days in Portobello market! Keep in touch! I’m from IT but I like people!!! :p