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  • Delivery times? ***COVID-19 measures***
    ***************** Due to COVID-19, we're going to the post office less often to reduce the exposure of our postage personnel. Please allow longer shipping times and feel free to contact us for any questions. Thanks for your understanding :) ***************** Delivery times can vary a bit from country to country. - EU deliveries: 2 to 7 working days, depending on the destination country. Shipping tariff will be shown in the shopping cart and checkout pages. - International deliveries: 7 to 12 working days (depending on the country) Please bear in mind that the expected times we provide are approximate as we rely on delivery services estimates :)
  • I'm not sure about what size to choose!
    We can definitely help you with that! Send us an email with the following information through our contact form or email address 1) Are you looking for Chocolaticas flats or Double Topping high heels? 2) What's your most common size? Like UK 6 but sometimes UK 7, or always UK 6? 3) Do you have narrow, standard or wide foot? 4) Any particular conditions? Like high instep, orthopaedic insoles, etc... 5) From the following picture, what foot shape you reckon is closest to yours? PS: the more information you can provide the better! :)
  • The shoe model or size you want is not available on our website?
    Please contact us through our contact form or email address We're continuously bringing shoes directly from the factory, so we might be able to tell you if that design is coming in the next couple of months. And if it's not available at the moment, we can add you to our "Wish List" and will contact you as soon as we see them back in stock!
  • Haven't heard from us? When will my parcel be dispatched?
    When you place an order, you do it through your PayPal account and therefore the details we received from you are: - Name and surname, - Email address, - Delivery address and - Telephone number (if you've it set it in your account) We contact by email all new clients that are buying shoes to check upon the size before posting them (and this is because shoe sizes can vary from brand to brand). However, if don't use the email address of your PayPal account, you probably haven't seen our emails, so please check the inbox of your PayPal email address and look out for an email with the subject "Your UKinkalla Order #xxx" If you still can't find our emails, please check your Spam folder! Different email providers act differently with new incoming emails. If you still can't find our emails, please do contact us and we will happily help you :)
  • Your order was dispatched but you haven't received it yet?
    Please bear in mind that the expected times we provide are approximate as we rely on delivery services estimates, and if you haven't received your parcel within the next 5-7 working days, please check the tracking link we send to the email you use with Paypal. If you have any issues with your parcel, please contact us, and we will happily assist you until you receive your parcel :)
  • Off-line orders? no Paypal, no debit/credit card?"
    If you wish to place an off-line order, because you don't have neither a Paypal account nor a debit/credit card, please contact us and we'll hapily help you with an alternative :)
  • Layaway?! Paying my order in installments?!
    Yes!, layaway plans are great for planning your cheeky treats throughout the year and for those special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas presents!!! You can pay your orders with INSTALLMENTS, at your own pace through a Paypal invoice :) This is how it works: ​ 1)Contact us regarding the items you would like to purchase through our Layaway plan and give us the due date that suits you best (within the next two months) ​ 2) We will issue a Paypal invoice which will keep track of all the installments till you pay your order in full ​ 3) We will dispatch your order within the next working day after your order is paid in full Want to know more? Read our full terms and conditions here
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